Stainless Steel Scourer,Pack of 15Pack


Stainless Steel Scourer,Pack of 15Pack

  • SHINES DISHES & KITCHEN TOOLS: No matter how delicate the dish or how tough the spot on the pot or pan – you will grab one of these handy scrubbers for the job to make your task a breeze.
  • EASY WORK – TOUGH ON DIRT: Easily scrubs away grease, grimy build-up and baked on foods from stainless steel pots and pans, ovens, grill racks, sinks, and more. Tackling your toughest jobs effortlessly – effectively cleaning your cookware without ruining the finish.
  • MAKING DISHWASHING ENJOYABLE: Fuller Brush Scrubbers are so gentle on hands that you will just love washing your dishes – they won’t splinter, poke or scratch your skin like other metal scrubbers and steel wool sponges
  • ULTI-USE SCRUBBER: Make use of these scrubbers in just about every place – in the garage for cleaning tools, motor parts, yard equipment and more, making everything they touch shine.

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Stainless Steel Scourer,Pack of 15Pack



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